Q & A with Brooks Robinson, Co-founder and CEO, Springbot

Brooks Robinson, CEO of Springbot

What aspect of Springbot's near-term growth plan is most exciting to you?

We have recently launched the first data co-op for small to medium sized eCommerce customers (link here).  The Springbot Exchange allows for lookalike audience matching, and using our Audience Expander feature, retailers send drip email campaigns to prospects to grow audience.  What is so critical about this new innovation is that it brings a capability that has been available for enterprise businesses with significant technology and team resources to the SMB segment, and levels the eCommerce playing field.

Beyond our latest innovation, I am also excited about the growth and development of the Springbot team. With 100+ employees, we are fostering, investing and collaborating with the next generation of entrepreneurs who will continue to contribute to the Atlanta technology economy.

What has been the most valuable element, to either you, as CEO, or your company, of working with your VC investors and their network of strategic partners?

The availability and ease of accessibility of our investors, leveraging their network as well as access to the senior leaders of other portfolio companies has been valuable. The ability to call and get insight from these valued set of colleagues has tremendous value. 

How has the city of Atlanta, which Springbot calls home, impacted your company's culture, and what do you think the future holds for Atlanta's status as a tech hub?

Atlanta has been a great founding city and place to grow Springbot. The city is a hub for a number of high quality university and colleges, which is critical for growing a team. In the past 6 years there has been more infrastructure and access to resources for early stage startups, such as co-working spaces, accelerators and incubators. The ATDC, Flashpoint, Atlanta Tech Village, Switchyards, Tech Square Labs are places where entrepreneurs can come together, exchange knowledge and grow. 

The Metro Atlanta Chamber is adding fuel to that by fostering economic development in technology with their two initiatives: Backed by ATL and ChooseATL. The Backed by ATL initiative is specifically positioning Atlanta as a top tier global region for technology and innovation by selecting seven out of a 100+ high potential growth companies.  Springbot is one of those seven companies that can now leverage the resources, connections and reputation associated with MAC.    

If you weren't working in eCommerce and marketing technology, what industry or market would you spend your time in and why?

I have a been a champion of the small to medium sized business owner for over 18 years so I would be working to solve some core issue for that market segment.  If you really pushed me, I would say president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but Brendan Shanahan is doing a great job so that organization does not really need my help.