How Forté Invests

Strategic Investment Syndicates

In addition to providing capital to portfolio companies, Forté engages its extensive corporate venture network to provide nascent companies access to investment and strategic guidance from established industry leaders

B2B and B2C Technology in the US and Canada

We invest in disruptive and innovative B2B and B2C technologies across industries. With offices in Atlanta and Silicon Valley, Forté Ventures is well positioned to partner with founders across the US and Canada

Early Stage Funding 

Forté invests in early stage companies where co-investment and support exists in our network of strategic partners. We prefer for companies to have at least $1M ARR, and our first check sizes range from $1-4M. In addition to leading funding rounds, Forte will also consider following other financial venture capital firms

Strategic Focus to Empower Long-Term Growth 

Forté Ventures is able to successfully grow its portfolio companies by engaging a diversity of strategic corporate venture partners early in a company’s lifecycle.

In addition to the financial support that strategic corporate venture partners often provide, our partners are able to provide critical industry-specific guidance that allows our companies to scale effectively. In addition, we find that leveraging the brand of established industry leaders allows our portfolio to gain market adoption (and become revenue positive) on a highly condensed timeline.

The methodology has allowed us to provide industry-leading results over multiple funds, and we look forward to continue cultivating a culture of success in the future.