IntelliVision Technologies is a San Jose, CA based software company providing video analytics solutions that automatically track and identify objects, analyze motion and extract video intelligence from analog or digital video streams. The system performs video data mining and analysis and issues real-time alerts upon encountering exceptions, which vastly increases the productivity of video surveillance systems and the efficiency of the people who monitor them. The core technology behind IntelliVision's software is protected by over 100 patents worldwide (licensed, granted and pending), making it one of the strongest patent-protected video analytics solutions in the market. IntelliVision's technology is currently deployed in over 500,000 cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR) / Video Management Systems (VMS), and has been successfully deployed with fortune 500 companies and partners worldwide, including ADT, Netgear, Pentagon, Disney, Motorola, Ambarella and DIRECTV. For more information, please visit